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Welcome to the web-site of Schwarzer Hund German Shepherds. Located in beautiful, rural, east-central Alabama near Auburn University and just thirty minutes from the Alabama/Georgia Border, we breed and train German Shepherd Dogs & other working breeds for; working, protection, family, sport (schutzhund, dock diving, agility, herding) and companionship. Our dogs have been selected from solid, mainly working, German (W& DDR), Belgian and Eastern European bloodlines. After thoroughly researching the breed we have selected lines and dogs in an attempt to reproduce in both appearance & working ability, the "altdeutscher," or old-style German Shepherd Dog, while still adhering to the confines of the modern GSD breed standard.

We feature solid-black, blanket back and sable German Shepherds (though we offer most all colors and patterns as well as both short stock and long stock coat German Shepherds). Aesthetics aside, our prime objectives in breeding are; soundness, even-temperament, ability and intelligence. Our breeding stock is in top physical condition & pups come with a contractual health guarantee covering all major diseases, as well as hereditary hip and elbow dysplasia. We pride ourselves on helping select just the right pup or adult to suit a client's specific wants and needs. Please visit our guest book to read what prior clients have to say about our breeding program and customer service, & feel free to contact us via email or our toll- free-number (1-800-766-1804) if you have any specific questions about our dogs, or even the German Shepherd Dog generally. All inquires are welcome & will receive a prompt and courteous response.

Puppies receive their first vaccinations and a thorough physical examination from our veterinarian at six weeks of age. They are socialized by exposure to diverse people (especially children), dogs and environments & at 7 weeks are tested with the Volhard aptitude test to assist in placement. Our Dogs and puppies will only go to homes where they can be properly cared for and after they have reached a minimum of 8 weeks of age. We deliver our adult dogs & puppies worldwide.

We have dogs in over twenty-five states & two countries including; Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi,South Carolina,North Carolina,Ohio, New

Arkansas,Oregon,Louisiana,Kentucky,Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Indiana,Virginia,New Mexico, California, New Jersey, Minnesota, W.Virginia, Kansas, the Dominican Republic and Saint Barthelemy .West German, DDR (East German), Czech, Belgian,old Soviet bloodlines. We have puppies, trained obedience and protection dogs for sale, German Shepherd puppies for sale, dog training

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An open letter to potential clients from Robert G. Whitlock, owner/operator of Schwarzer Hund GSD L.L.C.

The focus of our breeding program is to produce balanced dogs capable of work. Our intent is to produce tractable, reliable, good tempered dogs with working ability. We have had great success by blending German and Belgian lines with German and Eastern European working lines, producing excellent family, companion and working dogs that simultaneously have both the propensity for work characteristically found in working- line German Shepherds and the stable temperament and beauty of the companion/family dog.
We aptitude test all of our pups at seven weeks of age and consistently get balanced pups, with our dogs usually scoring  "mostly 3s" (using the Volhard aptitude test with a 1-6 scale—1 being the most dominant and 6 being the most submissive). Our dogs have gone to both working and companion/family homes. Some of our dogs track (SAR, suspect tracking, explosives, and narcotics— using either ground or air scenting). Some dogs undergo bite work and protection training and others are trained in advanced obedience with an eye toward service or therapy work.

Regarding the protocols we have put in place for breeding our litters: We utilize bio-feedback techniques and the mild stressing of neonatal pups, first developed by the U.S. military in their post Vietnam War “super dog” program. We do not just pay lip service to socialization, as we believe that it is key to producing outstanding puppies. Using simple classical conditioning we associate early feeding to whistling, so even our seven to eight week-old pups can fairly reliably be recalled with a whistle. We acclimate our puppies to loud noises (gunfire, power equipment, etc) and introduce them to different surfaces, people, animals and environments. They are accustomed to climbing stairs and navigating other obstacles. We encourage the development of their native intelligence by offering them problem solving challenges and daily opportunities to explore the environment beyond their kennel.

I hope this serves as a good introduction to the goals of our breeding program.Thank you for your interest in Schwarzer Hund GSD, and feel free to call or email with any questions or concerns you might have. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you to get the best possible pup or adult dog for you and your family or workplace.



Ask about our discount for members of the armed services, police officers, fire/rescue workers, students and educators

A note on Black German Shepherds: Although we are mainly a black German Shepherd breeder, color cannot be a breeders prime concern,& so we also offer; sable, bi-color, blanket back & saddle back German Shepherd dogs & puppies for sale. Black German Shepherds are not rare. The darker German Shepherds tend to be from working lines. All that is required is that a sire & dam both carry the recessive black gene. The sire & dam do not have to exhibit the black gene to produce solid black puppies, they must simply carry it. In other words, two solid blacks will always produce solid black German shepherd puppies, but they do not both have to be solid black in order to produce some solid black German Shepherd puppies.

Black German Shepherd Puppies for sale for schutzhund, working, family and companionship. Schwarzer Hund GSD LLC is a quality black German Shepherd breeder,We have German Shepherd Dogs and puppies for sale on a regular basis.and are located near Auburn Alabama.near Georgia border Bloodlines are W German DDR, Czech with schutzhund titles..We feature socialized German shepherd puppies for sale.Based near Auburn Alabama.We are an Alabama German Shepherd Breeder and have German Shepherd Dogs for sale..Dogs in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio,Oregon, Louisiana,Mississippi, North Carolina,South Carolina,Georgia Indiana,Texas,Tennessee, Alabama,Arkansas, Alaska,Minnesota,,Connecticut, Colorado California, New York,Dominican Republic,Kansas,Black German Shepherd Breeder,Puppies for sale,Trained protection dogs for sale.
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