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Puppies for Sale 

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 Litters Available Soon (Now Taking Reservations)

Litter out of Chico and Tulip born January 27, 2023  Ready Late-March

Gold Girl at 6 weeks

Black Boy at 6 weeks

Red Boy at 6 weeks

Blue Girl at 6 weeks

Litter out of Monk and Carol born February 17, 2023  Ready Mid-April

Litter out of Deckard and Sansa born March 05,2023 Ready Early May

Litter out  of Burroughs and Arya born March 18, 2023 Ready MId-May

All of our German Shepherd puppies are aptitude tested at seven weeks of age using the Volhard aptitude test in order to assist us in their placement. This test, along with the close observation of each puppy as a distinct individual within the group enables us to place every puppy in an environment suitable to his or her temperament and aptitude.

Bringing a puppy or dog into your home or workplace is a commitment that should be entered into with great consideration. Though the testing and observation of puppies are valuable tools, they are not a guarantee as to the kind of dog a puppy will grow into. Dogs will give back every bit that you put into their growth and development and more, but if you do not give them enough of your time and attention they will not be able to reach their full potential.

Each puppy comes with a health guarantee, medical records,  3 generation Pedigree and a form for AKC registration. The price of our puppies  is $1550.00 w/limited AKC registration and $1750.00 w/full AKC registration unless otherwise noted or agreed upon. Please ask about our professional discounts for veterans and active duty members of the armed forces, police, EMT workers, firemen, members of Search and Rescue teams, educators and students.

Training packages can be bought at the time of puppy purchase at a discounted price from training purchased separately.

Prospective owners must have facilities adequate for the care of a large breed working line dog,  typically this includes a large fenced-in-area and adequate shelter, though exceptions can be made for individuals living in urban areas who are willing and able to commit to  working or thoroughly exercising a dog daily.

Once again, please give purchasing a German Shepherd puppy or dog significant thought. These are exceptional dogs, bred primarily for working ability, that typically need large amounts of exercise and a mentally stimulating environment; if they are not supplied with these basic needs, they can become through no fault of their own, a hindrance to your life rather than a blessing and an advantage.